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Populate checkboxlist from database using C# 0

ASP.Net Basics : Populate checkboxlist from database using C#

In this tutorial we will be discussing how to populate data in checkboxlist or radiobutton list from the values taken from database and display them on the screen. Let us assume a database with following table definitions (from my next project ) and table values. and the output should be Various steps involved in populating...

MD5 hashing using C# 2

Encrypt Your Passwords With MD5 Hashing In C#

Its common now a days that all the passwords are being encrypted in order to prevent data theft. So the passwords are being encrypted, the most common and most secure encryption method is MD5 hashing. MD5 hashing stands for Message Digest algorithm 5. The idea of MD5 algorithm is to convert all the string/char/integer into...

Android activity lifecycle 0

Android Activity LifeCycle

Activity is the base class of an Android Activity (package An Activity represents a view to the user. For eg. When we open Messaging app to write a new message, it is an Activity. After writing the message, when we open contacts to select the person, it can be considered as another activity and so on. So...

Respi-Sesman-xvnc 0

Resetting Windows Password

In past, some of you have used clever utilities like Kon Boot Utility to reset your window password, or asked your engineer to format C:/ drive if there was no way out. This article will introduce various ways to reset password in Windows xp,vista, 7,8 & 8.1. Please note that this knowledge is shared for educational...

Array representation in memory. 0

Learning About 1 Dimensional Arrays (1 D Arrays)

You may have heard of arrays or “tuples” before, if you’ve learnt any programming language. If not, then don’t worry, you’ll learn everything about them in this tutorial and how are they used in C to handle large amounts of data of same data type effectively and easily. So, let’s know about them. In this... - Sublime Text 2 (UNREGISTERED)_004 0

Getting Started With Git

Git is the most popular version control system now a days. The reason behind popularity is its simple yet tremendous functionality. Unlike other VCSs (Version Control Systems), Git has some unique ways to control and share your data. Because of its huge functionality it also tends to become a lot complex for advanced users. As...

SX40ConnectionWithAndroid 0

How to copy camera photos to Android phone directly without any app

There are some of application to control/Copy your photos directly from DSLR from your phone like DSLR dashboard app but for Point and Shoot (P&S) .But now with latest android release you can copy any camera photos to Android Phone directly. Why this is great trick? No matter which phone  you have ,even  a point and...

Understand about Loops in Programming, for, while, do while 2

[Ultimate Guide] What are loops in programming and how are they important?

Welcome everyone to yet another tutorial on C Programming language. In this tutorial we’ll be learning about a great concept of loops. Most of the programming languages would use exactly the same syntax for loops, so understand this carefully. Loops provide with great utility and power and saves from a lot of overhead which may...

Chef-Logo 0

Running A Python Script Using Chef

Chef is an amazing configuration management tool, widely used in a lot of industries. If you are not familiar with how to run chef/chef-solo, please go through this article first. One of the best feature of Chef is it’s collection of resources. Resources allows Chef to handle configuration of the designated server. Resource have their...