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Pros And Cons Of Using JWT (JSON Web Tokens)

JWT (JSON Web tokens) is a great way to implement authentication in your applications, though often it is being treated as a silver bullet for almost every backend project. While JWT provides a lot of benefits while implementing auth, it does come with a price. Anyone who is thinking to …

List of few tags that are supported in HTML5

Hi everyone, some of you might be new to web development, so you must have thought that what is HTML5, how is it different from previous versions, what is new in HTML5.
In this article we will be discussing about the new tags which are now there in HTML5 but …

Understanding Event Dispatching Thread in Java

Swing provides a rich toolkit of GUI components which can be used to create powerful User Interface. Sometimes, we don’t get expected results when we are working on complex GUI & try to update GUI of that running application. From running application we mean that we have a Swing application …

Few terms in C++

Howdy Coders!

Well, today we will learn about a few terms related to File Handling in C++.

Stream :- A sequence of bytes

File: A collection of data or information stored on some media with some specific name is called file.

Text File :- The file which stores data or information in …


Ansible Logo

Hearing about Ansible lately? Everyone's using it! But what's the buzz about, what is ansible actually? And why should you use it? Lot's of questions and lot's of answers. Let's dive!

MD5 Hashing using C#

Its common now a days that all the passwords are being encrypted in order to prevent data theft. So the passwords are being encrypted, the most common and most secure encryption method is MD5 hashing.
MD5 hashing stands for Message Digest algorithm 5. The idea of MD5 algorithm is to …

Hail GraphQL

GraphQL Logo

We start with basics, but then we've to upgrade. But why? Because the latest solution to the old problem is more elegant and much faster! To me, it happened to be GraphQL. It's a query language that follows you. The mantra? The structure remains the same. Let's see how we …

Introduction to Shell Script

Ever wanted to automate a task on your *nix machine? Or are you fed up executing some set of commands again and again? If yes, then shell scripting can help you out there. In this tutorial, introduce yourself to shell scripting, along with some hands-on examples to practice.

[CHEAT-SHEET] List of Important IRC Commands

While you start using IRC, it becomes very essential to do certain tasks. To ensure yours tasks are carried out smoothly, you must know the commands which may come handy. So, today we've compiled here a list of IRC Commands that would come handy doing different tasks in IRC.

Changing …

Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Secured communication is inevitably a required norm in the world. To achieve the same, different methods are being approached. You must have heard the word "cryptography", which is really useful to safely transmit your signals by ensuring secrecy. Today, with advancements in this field, we have 2 of its widely …

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