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About Us

Welcome to the About Us page, finally you want to know us, and it matters a lot to us. We are a team of Tech Enthusiasts, Coders and Open Source lovers.

This blog is an effort to bring people closer to the world of Technology and make them comfortable with its various aspects.

Here are our current Authors :

Anoop Kumar

A java professional - have keen interest in open source programming. Likes to share knowledge about java, jQuery and linux stuffs. Google+, Facebook, Twitter

Peeyush Gupta

Peeyush is an open-source enthusiast who is in love with Python! He is a virtualization professional and can be found at Facebook, Google+.

Sanyam Khurana

Sanyam is an Engineering Student & Programmer who loves to blog about various stuff related to Computers. He likes to spend his time learning new stuff and teaching others too. Just in love with Python and currently on a mission to explore Open Source World. You can find him on, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. He's always curious to learn new things about programming, and other computer related stuff.

Our Ex-Contributors :

Abhishek Rawal

An Opensource evangelist,Electronics Engineering student & an aspiring Embedded Systems Engineer who likes tweaking open hardware like Arduino & Raspberry Pi, passionate about processors, likes writing articles on Opensource & Linux related software and hardware, knows little bit of C & bash scripting & dual-boots openSUSE and Ubuntu on his desktop. Google+ ,Twitter

Deep Singh

A tech enthusiastic, prefinal year student of GGSIPU university, having keen interest in and database administration. You can find me on Google+ , Facebook and Twitter

Gagandeep Singh

Pre-final year student of GTBIT, GGSIPU, New Delhi. Interested in Programming languages like C, C++,Java and now started with Android. You can find him on Google+ and Facebook

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