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How to copy camera photos to Android phone directly without any app

There are some of application to control/Copy your photos directly from DSLR from your phone like DSLR dashboard app but for Point and Shoot (P&S) .But now with latest android release you can copy any camera photos to Android Phone directly.

Why this is great trick? No matter which phone  you have ,even  a point and shoot gives you better great result.  This is very handy while travelling and even general, you can copy your photos to phone just in time and share with your friends.  No need to buy expensive Eye-Fi card.

I have tested to import photo using default Gallery/Photo importer app from android with Canon Powershot Sx40Hs and Nikon D7000. No additional app required, just additional On-The-Go connector.  You can buy from nearby local store for \$1-\$2. I brought in India for INR. 70/-.

Here the full tutorial to copy any camera photos directly to your phone without any app.

What do you need:

1. Camera: Should work with any camera.
2. Android Phone: Running on KitKat 4.4.2 /CM11, (should work with updated Google Gallery/Google+ app, needs to verify on other version of Android)
3. Camera PC connector :**

Usually mini usb cable of you camera which you use to connect with computer

Mini USB Data Cable

4. On-The-Go connector :

Basically a  micro USB with female connector


On-The-Go micro USB

Now, how to copy camera photos to Android phone directly :

i. Connect your camera to phone using both cable like following setup


ii. You will get pop-up to choose from USB device. Select Camera importer or Gallery (If any other popup appears cancel that).

Choose App to Import

iii. You will get following window on selecting Camera Importer

Camera ThumNails

iv. Now select directory or images to import.

v. Images will be saved in your SDCard --> {CameraNameDirectory}


PS: I have tested this with Galaxy SII running CM11 (Android 4.4.2) and Canon SX40Hs/Nikon D7000. I have to test with other version of android and with other Point & Shoot camera. If you happen to test please update here.

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