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Block ads to make your web experience beautiful and speed up your Internet

Everyone of us annoyed by creepy ads everywhere on internet. From mailbox to keep waiting for video  in Youtube.

But ads not only makes your internet looks ugly but most of them sneak cookie, steal other website data and track your internet activity.  Also these ads eats up your precious bandwidth.

Block ads for smoother experience

So here is one time little setup to get rid of ads and tracking.

1. Block ads and tracking from Host file

2. Install Adblock extension to Firefox/Chrome to block all ads, even in Youtube 

 Block ads and tracking from Host file 

Step1. Locate your host file


\$ sudo nano /etc/hosts  


 %systemroot%System32driversetc (right click on host file and open with notepad)

Step2.  To edit host file, you need roor/administrator privilege. If  direct editing not allowed save the host file somewhere else and then replace original host including these line.  Remember while saving host file do not add any extension.

(Geeky Tip:  If you open notpad/text editor with run as administrator, you can directly edit host file and save. For Linux user you already opening file using sudo.)

I found these list here, and also added few server to remove annoying Skype ads.

If following embed file talking long time to load find Google Drive notepad here. Just click inside following copy all (Ctrl+a --> Ctrl+c) and paste at end of host file.

To get rid of all ads from webpage use following.

 Install Adblock extension to Firefox/Chrome to block all ads, even in Youtube 

Chrome extension : Adblock

Firefox extension: AdblockPlus

This setup definitely remove all ads, also from YouTube.

If you find any other server to add in host file, let us know.

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