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Android Activity LifeCycle

Activity is the base class of an Android Activity (package An Activity represents a view to the user. For eg. When we open Messaging app to write a new message, it is an Activity. After writing the message, when we open contacts to select the person, it can …

Android Activity lifecycle (Code) & Debugging using LogCat (Android Part – 8)

Hello Geeks, hope you have read the previous article and are clear with the theoretical concepts of an Android Activity and its Lifecycle. Now we will create a code for the same to see what all methods are called in which cases. This code is similar to what you might …

Introduction and Syllabus (J4A - 0)

Hello geeks, (J4A) Java for Android is a series of tutorials for those who have good knowledge of C++ and want to switch to android without going into details of Core Java. So here we'll discuss ONLY THOSE features of JAVA (keywords, classes, concepts) which are used in android also …

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