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Introduction to Shell Script

Ever wanted to automate a task on your *nix machine? Or are you fed up executing some set of commands again and again? If yes, then shell scripting can help you out there. In this tutorial, introduce yourself to shell scripting, along with some hands-on examples to practice.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Secured communication is inevitably a required norm in the world. To achieve the same, different methods are being approached. You must have heard the word "cryptography", which is really useful to safely transmit your signals by ensuring secrecy. Today, with advancements in this field, we have 2 of its widely …

Get rid of your old terminal, Go Fish-ing

Tired of using Bash terminal? Struggling with shell scripting. Want to try something better, easier to customize, configure. Fish is a simple, powerful yet user-friendly command-line shell giving you features that you have never heard of such as auto-suggestions, cleaner more organized scripts, web-based configuration/ customizations and a lot more …

Transfer data with SCP

Hello readers! Transferring data to your friends' machine is not a big deal when using storage devices such as pen drives, CDs, etc. But have you ever intended to migrate files between different systems over a network, to a machine that's out of your reach, like transferring data between an …

Understanding Complete Boot Process In Linux

Ever wondered, what happens behind the scenes to boot Linux? Knowing about what happens from the time you press the power button to the time when you get the login screen on Linux, i.e. boot process in Linux is very important. It can come very handy when you're debugging …

Getting Started With Git

Git is the most popular version control system now a days. The reason behind popularity is its simple yet tremendous functionality. Unlike other VCSs (Version Control Systems), Git has some unique ways to control and share your data. Because of its huge functionality it also tends to become a lot …

Running A Python Script Using Chef

Chef is an amazing configuration management tool, widely used in a lot of industries. If you are not familiar with how to run chef/chef-solo, please go through this article first. One of the best feature of Chef is it’s collection of resources. Resources allows Chef to handle configuration …

Learn To Manage Packages Using APT-GET & APT-CACHE Commands In Ubuntu/Debian. Part-3

This is last & final chapter of this tutorial. Before proceeding further, I would like to link first two parts here just incase you haven't checked it out.

(PART-1  &  PART-2)

Continuing from Part-2,

19) Checking The Stats Of Cache Using APT-CACHE :

This command will display all the statistics of the cache …

Learn To Manage Packages Using APT-GET & APT-CACHE Commands In Debian/Ubuntu. Part-2

This is second part of the tutorial.You would like to read the first part before you proceed further. Here is the LINK.

Continuing from the first part,

APT Ubuntu

11) Removing Packages From The System Using APT-GET :

This command will help you to remove the installed packages from the system. However …

Learn To Manage Packages Using APT-GET & APT-CACHE Commands In Debian/Ubuntu. Part-I

APT abbreviated as Advanced Packaging Tool, is the package management tool used in Debian based distributions to install new applications from repository, removing installed applications, upgrading the system, updating the repository and bunch full of other useful tasks, all that from terminal itself.


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