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Customize GRUB2/BURG Screen Using Grub Customizer

GRUB Customizer is the application with graphical interface to configure GRUB2/BURG settings, visuals & menu-entries.


- supports GRUB2 & BURG

- rename, remove & move the menu-entries

- Installation of bootloader to MBR

- settings like default distro, Kernel params, BG image, text colors etc. to customize the look of GRUB2/BURG

You can simple right click on above entries & then you can Edit, Rename, Remove, Move up or down, remove from submenu or add another submenu easily. Everything can be customized within user interface.

List Configuration

Grub Customizer -> General Settings

Advanced settings are for advanced users who wanna customize as per their wish.

Grub Customizer -> Advanced settings

I am using elementaryOS at this moment, I have picked .PNG image from deviantart & adjusted color of my choice. And, clicked on 'save settings' on left top corner & well that's done.

Just to make sure, you can run 'sudo update-grub'.

Note : I have noticed that current/latest version of Grub customizer doesn't work with .jpeg BG image files, so make sure it is of .pngĀ else it won't work.

Grub Customizer -> Appearance settings

To install **Grub Customizer** in Ubuntu & it's derivatives, open Terminal & add PPA by typing :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer

Now update the repository,,

sudo apt-get update

Now install the Grub-customizer

sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

To install **Grub Customizer** in other Linux distribution :

Install the following packages :

- cmake

- gcc-c++ or g++

- libgtkmm-3.0-dev or gtkmm30-devel

- libssl-dev or openssl-devel

- libarchive-dev or libarchive-devel

- gettext

Download the source from HERE

Go to source directory & use cmake, make & make install to install grub customizer. (You can find detailed information on 'How To Compile application from source code' from THIS LINK)

After installing & modding the GRUB2 loader, here's what my new beautiful GRUB2 screen looks like (sorry for blur image, my camera is crap) :


That's it.

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