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How to Make Bootable Linux Pendrive

Well, you may not realize today, but it is very essential to have a Bootable Linux Pen Drive with you. Many times, your system may crash unexpectedly, or even your DVD ROM faces some problem or you might just want to dual boot Linux with Windows to give it a try? In these scenarios a bootable pen drive might come to rescue. It is the most easy and efficient way to install Linux on your computer. You may also use bootable drive to run a live image of the OS just like we have Live CD.

LinuxLive USB Creator

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a bootable linux pen drive quickly and keep it ready to fight with unexpected tragedies that might occur with computers or even just to have a taste of new Linux Distros?
Steps to Make Bootable Linux Live USB:

1) Download your favourite Linux Distro (.iso file) from their official site and keep it ready with you.

Quick links for Ubuntu, Fedora 20 (x86_64).

2) Go to LinuxLive USB Creator website and download it.

3) Now run the LinuxLive USB Creator as shown:

LinuxLive USB Creator steps

All the steps are indicated in the above image along with step no.

4) Select the USB drive/ CD (preferably do it on a USB) you want to install the image on.

5) Now choose the source of image file downloaded earlier. Alternatively, you can download the iso file in this step too or even select a CD as a source.

The system would analyze the image. This would take a few moments.

6) Now you can select the Persistence. Keep it more than 300 MB.

What is Persistence?

On Live USB or Live CD, after you reboot, all the preferences would be lost. The persistence data helps in storing these preferences so that they won’t be discarded after you reboot your live machine.

7) Now you can select three easy options as per your requirements:

Hide Created files on key.
Format the key in FAT32.
Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows (This would require Internet)

You should select all the three options.

8) Now click on the lightening button and the process will begin. It would take some time depending on the size of the OS. Once the process is finished, you have a bootable linux USB key/ CD with you.

Special Feature: If you install Ubuntu for instance, you’ll find wubi.exe file in your key which you can execute inside windows to set up Ubuntu.

Have you faced any problem in executing the above steps? or have something to say? Do let us know through the comments section below or give me a shout on Twitter \@ErSanyamKhurana

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