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How to Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to recover deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy has always been one of the frequently asked on the forums and the internet by Samsung users. No matter how wise and cautious person you are, still once in a while you will end up deleting some important message and will instantly regret it. There are lots of other reasons to get your SMS deleted for example, factory reset, system crash or installation of a suspicious virus.

With the advancement of technology, recovering deleted SMS from Android phones is not a difficult task anymore. Software developers have designed many Android data recovery tools to retrieve the deleted data from your phone to save your day. Likewise, after testing and researching a lot of Android data recovery tools, we have discovered that Android Data Recovery is the best and most efficient tool among all of them.

**What is Android Data Recovery?**

It is a marvelous and creative Android data recovery desktop program that can

retrieve deleted data

from your Android device including Samsung Galaxy Phones. It can recover your erased SMS within seconds by scanning your phone deeply from Windows or Mac computer. According to over 4 million customers, Android Data Recovery is the best program and most efficient program available on the software market.

**Highlighted features of Android Data Recovery**

  • Recover 17+ data types from any Android smartphone.

  • Scan your entire Android phone and tablet to retrieve data.

  • Preview each and every item before recovering them so that you can only retrieve the desirable data.

  • Supported data types – Contacts, SMS, music, videos, audio, documents, Whatsapp, etc.

  • Works with over 3500+ smartphone brands such as Samsung, Asus, Micromax, Motorola, Google, and LG and so on.

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

  • Trusted and download by over 4 million customers.

  • Free lifetime support and upgrades.

**How to use Android Data Recovery tool to Retrieve Deleted SMS?**

Although, this program requires no instruction at all but yet, we will write down a step by step tutorial so that novice users can use this program effortlessly.

Step 1.

Download Android Data Recovery

on your Windows or Mac computer and install it like regular software. Next, launch the tool to see its attractive user interface.

Step 1: How to recover deleted SMS

Step 2. Now, get your Samsung Galaxy phone connected to PC and enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

To enable USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy, kindly follow this path –

Open Menu \> Settings \> Developer Tools \> Check USB Debugging mode

Step 2: How to recover deleted SMS

Step 3. The tool should recognize your phone now and you will be asked what kind of data to retrieve from your PC. Simply, select “Messaging” and hit the next button.

Step 3: How to recover deleted SMS

Step 4. Android data recovery tool provides 2 amazing ways to scan your device named Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. It is recommended to use Standard Mode which uses a powerful algorithm to search your entire phone and Advanced Mode is used for deeper scanning and usually takes longer time to finish the process.

Step 4: How to recover deleted SMS

Step 5. Let the program analyze your complete device and kindly have patience because it may take several minutes. Once the scanning is completed, it will let you preview each and every deleted item on your phone. Click on “Messages” from the left sidebar to preview all erased messages.

Step 5: How to recover deleted SMS

Finally choose the messages that you wish to retrieve and click on “Recover” to save them on your PC.

After recovering the messages successfully, you can copy the database file on your Samsung Galaxy phone to read them on your mobile device.


Say goodbye to those days when erasing messages was considered to be a permanent action. With Android Data Recovery tool, you can relax and feel free to recover all the deleted data from your Android device seamlessly. Android Data Recovery tool has 4+ million downloads who approved the simplicity and efficiency of this lavishing tool. It is free to try, so go ahead and install it on your computer to see the real power of this program. It is recommended that you guys backup your Android phones regularly once per week to avoid any data loss.

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