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Introduction and Syllabus (J4A - 0)

Hello geeks, (J4A) Java for Android is a series of tutorials for those who have good knowledge of C++ and want to switch to android without going into details of Core Java. So here we'll discuss ONLY THOSE features of JAVA (keywords, classes, concepts) which are used in android also. Some may think that these tutorials serve nothing and its better to learn these features in parallel with android, but if you know these concepts in advance, it will ultimately accelerate your efforts towards android application development and you will not need to LOOK BACK while developing for android. ECE students interested in android can also go for these tutorials. Please note that these tutorials don't make you Java Programmer !

Topics from JAVA included in this tutorial series are:

  1. Moving from C++ to JAVA & Installing and JDK.
  2. A simple java program to explain various simple concepts.
  3. Revising data types, if, for, switch, Typecasting, operators, arrays in Java.
  4. Concept of class, method, references, access specifiers, keywords (static, final, extends, implements).
  5. Packages and Interfaces (Overview only).
  6. Exception Handling and Multithreading (Both Detailed).
  7. String class, its functions and java.lang.CharSequence interface.
  8. Overview of important Java API used in Android (java.util,,
  9. Event  Based Programming and Anonymous Inner Classes.
  10. Introduction to Java Beans Architecture to understand various classes/components.

Please note that above list of topics are tentative and may be added / removed.

Link to First Tutorial

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