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Raspberry Pi - How to install and first boot

Installing and setting up Raspberry Pi is fairly easy in following steps

 Components of Raspberry-Pi


Preparing your SD card for installing Linux variant for RasPi.

Linx Method:

Install Gparted utility using following command

  • sudo apt-get install gparted


and Run

  • sudo gparted


You should be able to see following screen and just select your SD card and format to FAT32.


Windows Method:

Use SDFormatterand select your SD drive and just go for format.

SD Formatter

After formatting just extract downloadedNOOB versionand copy to your SD card.

Now plugin your RasPi to Tv/Monitor using HDMI or RCA Video cable. To connect VGA monitor you can use converter given in this tutorial

Power with *micro usb mobile charger *


Note: Please check your charger specification it should be  5 V and ampere range between 0.7-1.2A.

Power on your charger and you should be able to see following screen after some time


Select Raspbian as recommended and proceed.

Note down default

user/password : pi/raspberry

Note: If you go ahead with default option you will be in command line without any GUI. to change into GUI you just have to run command


and you will get your GUI desktop.


Note: Raspi has only two USB port , you should be using it for keyboard and mouse for initial setup.

SD Card: Faster SD card is recommended, should be Class 10.

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