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Understanding Event Dispatching Thread in Java

Swing provides a rich toolkit of GUI components which can be used to create powerful User Interface. Sometimes, we don’t get expected results when we are working on complex GUI & try to update GUI of that running application. From running application we mean that we have a Swing application …

Creating your first Java Program (J4A - 2)

Beginning Java Programming

Some institutes/tutorials start java directly using Netbeans or Eclipse IDE. But this is not the correct way. A better method is to use a basic text editor like Notepad2 or Notepad++ to begin Java. IDE’s provide shortcuts which experienced programmers use. If beginners opt for …

Moving from C++ to Java (J4A - 1)

C to C++ and C++ to Java:

C was a powerful programming language but used structural approach. So when the length of code exceeded a particular no. of lines, the code became unmanageable. So this led to Object Oriented Programming techniques and birth of C++. But C++ compilers at that …

Introduction and Syllabus (J4A - 0)

Hello geeks, (J4A) Java for Android is a series of tutorials for those who have good knowledge of C++ and want to switch to android without going into details of Core Java. So here we'll discuss ONLY THOSE features of JAVA (keywords, classes, concepts) which are used in android also …

Java: Autoboxing and -XX:AutoBoxCacheMax

Autoboxing is the mechanism in Java to convert primitive type values to respective wrapper class object. Java programmer mostly use autoboxing while using collections, since collection only holds object and to put primitive type data into collection, it's need to use wrapper classes to convert into objects.

So , here is …

Java Multithreading : Thread States and Thread Priority

In a thread lifecycle it can  have one of the  following states mentioned below. I have already explained Thread Life Cycle and basics of thread including Daemon Threads.

Now let see inside the thread states and how to achieve them .

Java Multithreading

*Threads. * Thread is also known as lightweight process. Java multithreading allows to process multiple task simultaneously with less overhead than process. Mostly use to monitor session, background synchronization etc.


Processes …

Create your own Simple File Transfer App over LAN (with Source code in JAVA)

Many Core Java packages can be used to create useful applications. This application uses package to establish connection between two systems residing on the same network.  This point is important, because it will not work for arbitrary networks (having no connection between them). For those who don't have …

Beginning Android, for Java / C++ programmers (Android-Part 0)

Beginning Android

Most of the people now have Android devices. This attracts a lot of people to begin career as an Android Developer. Although creating games with sophisticated graphics isn't easy, but creating a simple Android app is. What you need to start Android Application Development is good knowledge of OOPS concept …

JAVA - Getting Started with Introduction


Before learning JAVA, it is advisable that you should have a programming background. Even if you re not from programming background, I will try to make it as simple as I can.

JAVA is one of the most powerful language. The various software which are powered by this programming language …

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