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MD5 Hashing using C#

Its common now a days that all the passwords are being encrypted in order to prevent data theft. So the passwords are being encrypted, the most common and most secure encryption method is MD5 hashing.
MD5 hashing stands for Message Digest algorithm 5. The idea of MD5 algorithm is to …

[Ultimate Guide] What are loops in programming and how are they important?

Welcome everyone to yet another tutorial on C Programming language. In this tutorial we'll be learning about a great concept of loops. Most of the programming languages would use exactly the same syntax for loops, so understand this carefully. Loops provide with great utility and power and saves from a …

Beginning Android, for Java / C++ programmers (Android-Part 0)

Beginning Android

Most of the people now have Android devices. This attracts a lot of people to begin career as an Android Developer. Although creating games with sophisticated graphics isn't easy, but creating a simple Android app is. What you need to start Android Application Development is good knowledge of OOPS concept …

Java Reflection: class "Method" to inovoke methods and get metadata

Java Logo

using [java.lang.reflect.Method]{style="font-family: courier new,courier;"} you can get metadata/signature of methods (including private) and can invoke accessible methods at runtime.

Class Method provides a great tool to list all methods and find information about methods.  following tutorial will provide you more detail of class …

C# Tutorial : Compiling C# Programmes using Notepad

About C#

C# is a multi-paradigm object oriented language developed by Mircrosoft in the year 2000. C# has its major implementations in dotNet framework, Mono, DotGNU. In this tutorial we will print a simple line "" using a notepad and C# command line compiler.

In order to continue with …

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