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XHTML and CSS - 1 - Overview and Downloading Text Editor

Welcome to first tutorial in the Video Tutorial Series of XHTML and CSS, you can find list of all tutorials on XHTML and CSS , and you can watch andsubscribe the channel on YouTube.

Video Tutorial on XHTML and CSS 1. Overview and Downloading Text Editor

In this tutorial, we'll get started with Web Development by understanding how to develop webpages. The basic semantics of the webpage is done through XHTML and styling is done through CSS.

In this video tutorial, we'll know how we can see the rendered HTML coding of any webpage once it's retrieved from the server and then analyse different sections.

Pre-Requisites for this and the coming tutorials :-

You need just a good text editor,

  • For Windows, ¬†go with Notepad ++, download it from
  • For linux there are many good editors like Vim , GEdit, Nano etc.

In this and the coming tutorial series, we'll be using a Text Editor known as Notepad ++ for coding HTML on Windows platform, if you're on a different platform search for some appropriate text editor, feel free to try out any one from the above mentioned editors.

Stay tuned for more, if you have any queries, feel free to ask through comments section below.

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