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Beginning Android, for Java / C++ programmers (Android-Part 0)

Beginning Android

Most of the people now have Android devices. This attracts a lot of people to begin career as an Android Developer. Although creating games with sophisticated graphics isn't easy, but creating a simple Android app is. What you need to start Android Application Development is good knowledge of OOPS concept.

The method used by most of the people to start Android is using Eclipse as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The experienced Android programmers may opt for Android Studio. Sometimes its just the matter of choice/comfort with a particular IDE.

Prerequisite knowledge  : Many people go for Android after doing Core Java. Few try it with C++ and/or basic programming knowledge. While it is possible to start with Android with a good understanding of OOP Concepts (Object Oriented Programming), but those having knowledge of Core Java always have advantage because Android uses rich  Java libraries like,, java.lang, java.util etc. A bit XML is also required but simple interface provided by Eclipse can handle this part.

Fore people from C++ background, it will require a bit of effort to learn Java & join hands with Android. There is an option to use Android NDK (Native Development Kit) using which you can use C++ native code which runs on Android phones. But as recommended by most of the developers, writing an entire Android application in Native code is not the right way.  Generally, NDK is used to create some performance critical code or for obfuscating a part of APK so that it is not easily decompiled.

Android, Decompilation and Solution :  As most of the Java developers must be knowing, CLASS files are easily decompiled using a simple and free software, same is the case with Android. Android binary files (APK) are easily decompiled. Some effective methods like Obfuscation are used to protect the code which modifies the code in such a way so that it is not easily readable by programmers. Same programs and methods apply to Android also as it is based on Java. Obfuscation tools are available for Android which makes it difficult for source to be leaked completely.

IDE for Android Beginners : 

  1. To begin development, we just need Java Development Kit (JDK) available here and Android SDK (Software Development Kit)  available here.
  2. Install the JDK using default settings and extract the Android SDK to required location.
  3. Open eclipse.exe from Eclipse folder from the extracted location.
  4. The IDE loads within few seconds and opens a window where we can start creating a new project.* Basics of Android and First Simple Android Application will be discussed in next tutorial.

Link to First Android Tutorial

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