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Second simple Android Application Part 3 (Android-Part 6)

Welcome back geeks, so after pasting this code, you would be having the file like this :


In this screenshot, notice the highlighted part on the left. The Eclipse IDE is showing some errors at some specific lines (line no. 9 10,17,18 and so on). Now we …

Second simple Android Application Part 2 (Android-Part 5)

Welcome back geeks, this tutorial is a continuation of previous tutorial. So please read the previous one if you have not read it.

So we had created a simple layout and it looked something like this :


Double click on the button to change the text of the button, now the …

Second simple Android Application Part 1 (Android-Part 4)

Hey Geeks ! Hope you all have gone through previous tutorials and are clear with the basics of android. Here we’ll create our second simple android application which will consist of creating our own layout and a bit of java coding. As discussed previously, the layout of our android application …

Executing your Android Application (AVD's) (Android-Part 3)

[Hello Geeks, hope you have gone through this postand have a good understanding of Android projects before proceeding further. To test / debug our Android Application, we can use any of available methods :]{style="font-size: 14px;line-height: 1.5em"}
1. We can use the Android Virtual Device (we'll create one …

Anatomy of First Android Application (Android-Part 2)

Hello Geeks, hope you all have read the previous post for setting up IDE, here we explain what each folder of a newly created Android Application means. As soon as you follow the steps described in previous post, a simple android application with the application name and a predefined string …

Setting Up Eclipse IDE for Android Application Development (Android-Part 1)

Here is a complete tutorial to setup Eclipse IDE. Hope you have seen the first tutorial and have installed the required tools (ADT + Eclipse & JDK).After installing JDK, extract the Android SDK to a folder and you will get something like this.

Few screenshots related to Eclipse may vary due …

Beginning Android, for Java / C++ programmers (Android-Part 0)

Beginning Android

Most of the people now have Android devices. This attracts a lot of people to begin career as an Android Developer. Although creating games with sophisticated graphics isn't easy, but creating a simple Android app is. What you need to start Android Application Development is good knowledge of OOPS concept …

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